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Saturday, June 09, 2007

California Birthday

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Do I detect a California birthday? You look so sleepy with blond hair, Mollie.

This photo shows what most girls wear to walk around doing their errands. Everyone's shoes have sharp little heels to encourage feet-fetishism.

I hope you can work out what you're going to pack, Moll. Are you bringing your phone? I am going to call you on your birthday. Wait for it! Can I talk to Erin for a second?

Oh the places you'll go!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

thursday morning

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Today. I am procrastinating.

Because it's time to pack, and I can't make important decisions about what to bring.

It's hard enough deciding what to wear for one day... but 5 is... serious... serious business. SERIOUS! AND I'M GOING TO THE DESERT. I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THAT.

Erin said I won't need more than one sweater. This I cannot understand. I'm bringing 3.

And do I bring the REALLY funky (as in stanky) old sneakers, or the KIND-OF funky old sneakers? (note picture. LAL gave me some new funky sneakers... they're too big, but I like)...

Green swim suit, blue swim suit or orange swim suit?

I'm just... really stressed out about it. I don't even know what luggage to use... there's this closet full of suitcases...

AND yesterday I had cramps... and I thought I was hungry (that always happens) so I ate about a half of a bag of frosted animal crackers for dinner... and I'm still regretting that... (kind of. they were really good)...(they had sprinkles).

It's just... so hard to be me... oh. god. I have THIS INTERNAL DECISION PROBLEM PAIN.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

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yeeeeeeeeeee! for erin!

mollies new hair.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Birthday cake

Jamons cake
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a birthday cake.

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This is on my myspace blog... but I need it here so Erin can read it.

My sister just walked up to me with a wet dishcloth and said, "will you get the sauce off of my back?" I laughed at her.

This is the story my morning today.
My mom harrassed me into going to Marshfield with her and my grandma. I think I was still a bit drunk when I submitted. I got in the car.
Car pulls into street and starts to journey to Marshfield
I said, "um...when will we be back?"
Grandma said, "oh don't worry... we'll be back by supper. This is going to be fun..."
G: "Three hours"
M: "WHAT? Oh god. I really dont want to go. uh. I changed my mind. You guys I really don't want to go. You guys...Please mom, please let me out... I'll walk home. I don't want to go. Please can I just get out and walk home? Please?"
G: "Shut up. You're coming with. Lisa lock the doors. Mollie, you're going to love this. We're bonding. Isn't this fun?"
M: "No. Seriously. I don't want to go. Please. Let me out. I want to go on a bike ride. It's a beautiful day. Please. I don't want to go. Really. You guys. I don't want to go. Please let me out. I'm serious. Please? I don't want to go. I'm not kidding."
My Mom: "Stop being a brat."
M: (slowly unbuckles her seatbelt...)
Car pulls up to a stoplight...
Mollie panics opens the car door, jumps out.
M: (on the blvd., frantic) "I'm sorry. I love you guys... I just really can't go..."

And then I ran down the street. Because I really didn't want to go. Now I'm going to address the burrito situation.

See? You like that Erin?

AND FURTHERMORE: can you please make my birthday cake this year?

(Lindsay... I really liked the birthday cake you made me that one year. That was nice. Maybe next year you can make my 25th birthday cake. Wouldn't that be fun for you? I bet you'd like that.)

(ANd Lindsay... I will make you a birthday cake today... since I forgot to on April 22nd. Okay? Good. I'll make you a big lumpy angel food cake.)

Friday, May 25, 2007

land o lakes bakes cakes

everyone is quietly working in their lil cubes and all i can think about is mollie and lindsay and E gorham.

Where i work:
all those years of re-checking my tests before handing them in is finally paying off

Thursday, May 24, 2007

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

flowerama going away for lisa party time

I went back to madison for a night to bid lisa a pleasant journey into the great Omaha of the Nebraska.

It was amazing.